CTR (2014) v3.1


This issue of CTR represents a collaborative effort between the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association (CETA) and the Canadian Theological Society (CTS). A call for papers was issued by CTS to the participants of the 2014 CTS annual conference. The six articles included in this issue were selected from among the papers submitted (via blind peer review) by the scholars from the CTS executive board.

Christopher Zoccali, editor-in-chief.


Preston Parsons, “Friendship and Interpretation in Eberhard Bethge, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and John’s Gospel”

Peter Nguyen, “Ecumenism of Blood: The Martyrdom of Alfred Delp And Helmuth James Von Moltke”

Matthew Eaton, “Theologizing with the Dog-man: Empathy and Ethics in Coetzee, Lévinas, and the Gospel Traditions”

Samantha Cavanagh, “A Sensuous Pursuit of Justice: An Examination of the Erotically Pleasurable and Morally Formative Practice of Yoga”

Cristina Vanin, “Expanding the Boundaries of Human Subjectivity: The Need for Ecological Conversion”

Allen G. Jorgenson, “Beyond Luther’s Imago Dei: Imagining a Modest Humanity”

Book Reviews