CTR (2013) v2.2


The first five articles in this issue of CTR are revisions of papers given at the annual Fall interdisciplinary theology conference of the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association (CETA) held at Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, NY on October 19, 2013. The theme of the conference was “New Creation: Scripture, Theology, and Praxis.” The fifth article, by Andrew Van’t Land, won CETA’s Jack and Phyllis Middleton Memorial Award, an annual competition that awards graduate students for a paper demonstrating excellence in the field of Theology. In addition to these articles sharing the theme of New Creation, this issue includes a sixth article on moral formation and Christian doctrine by Anthony Siegrist.

Christopher Zoccali, editor-in-chief.


Gerald Janzen, “Ecce Homo: The Servant of YHWH as Imago Dei in Second Isaiah”

Steven Bouma-Prediger, “Eschatology Shapes Ethics: New Creation and Christian Ecological Virtue Ethics”

Cord Sullivan, “Introducing the Incarnate Christ: How John’s Logos Theology Sets the Stage for the Narrative Development of Jesus’ Identity”

James E. Pedlar, “‘His Mercy is Over All His Works’: John Wesley’s Mature Vision of New Creation”

Andrew Van’t Land, “(Im)Peccability amid the Powers: Christological Sinlessness and Systemic Evil”

Anthony G. Siegrist, “Moral Formation and Christian Doctrine: ‘The Conjunction against which We Must Now Struggle’”

Book Reviews