CTR (2012) v1.2

Eugene E. Lemcio, “ Where (More Precisely) is it Written about the Son of Man’s Rejection? Mark 9:12b—a Midrash upon Daniel 4 and 7?”

Anthony R. Pyles, “Drowning in the Depths of Darkness: A Consideration of Psalm 88 with a New Translation”

Mary L. Conway, “’The Wisest Might Err’: A Re-evaluation of Solomon’s Character as Revealed by His Prayer for Wisdom in 1 Kings 3:1–15”

Victor Shepherd, “John Wesley: A Gift to the Universal Church”

Michael Morson, “Reformed, Lutheran, and ‘New Perspective’: A Dialogue Between Traditions Regarding the Interpretation of ‘Works of the Law’ in Galatians”

Kirk Baker, “The Power That Cannot Be Named: Jephthah’s Daughter as a Vehicle of Story”

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